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Beliefs & Core Values

The Holy Scriptures

The BOOK: The Word of the LORD, The Bible’s 66 Books of the OT & NT is God-given (inspiration) & God-kept forever (preservation).                                                 Hence, The BIBLE is the infallible final authority for life, faith & practice.***

The Person and Work of Christ

The BLOOD: The Lord Jesus Christ is Creator, God manifest in flesh, Son of God & Saviour ! – Salvation is only in Christ alone by grace alone through faith alone.

The Hope in Christ

The BLESSED HOPE & Glorious Appearing: The Lord Jesus Christ will return a 2nd Time in 2 phases just like He said !  1st Stage is The Rapture, Jesus coming at any moment. The 2nd Stage is to end the Tribulation seven (7) years later, The Revelation of JESUS CHRIST, The KING of kings, & The LORD of lords !

The Fellowship of Believers in Christ

The BELOVED: Living & leaving a legacy of Faith in the Church & in the family involved in the Lord’s Gospel Commission.


***We use exclusively the Authorized King James Version in & for all our ministries  believing It to be the perfect & preserved Word of God for English speaking peoples. If you would like to read a more detailed statement of VBC’s faith and belief please contact the Church.




Our Mission

“Loving people with the Truth of Jesus Christ”

Service Times

Sunday Classes: 10:00AM

Sunday Services: 11:00AM & 6:00pm

Wednesday Prayer Service: 7:00PM

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About Our Church

Welcome to our website. Victory Baptist Church is a caring, friendly Church with a mission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of the Langleys', our country and nations around the world. We are located close to the community of Aldergrove and would love for you to join us for one of our weekly services.